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Hotel Bookings
Save time and book with us for the most affordable rates!.
Wildlife Safaris
Explore Africa's rich wildlife diversity with Tee off Kenya's tailor made safaris.
Great Migration Glimpse
Catch the annual Wildebeest migration.
Beach Mode
Relax at the beautiful Sandy Beach
Camp in the Wild
Away from the hustle n' bustle
Golf Tours
Take a tee at many of the world's leading courses.
One of the Big Five
Are more closely related to cats than dogs
Your best chance to spot the “Big Five" i.e. Buffalo, Lion,Rhino, Leopard and Elephant. While at the Maasai Mara visit the Maasai villages, and interact with local cattle-herders.
Tee off Kenya Ltd takes you to Lake Nakuru National Park considered to be one of the finest places for bird- watching, most famous for the thousands of flamingos that form a brilliant pink spectacle as they line the banks of the shallow lake.
Tee Off Kenya Ltd gives you a chance to experience the Amboseli National park famous for big game, including Lions, Cheetahs, Baboons, and large Elephant herds that traverse the savannahs in search of watering holes or feeding grounds.
Tee Off Kenya Ltd gives you a chance to experience the highlight of most Kenyan safaris, the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, widely regarded as one of the best game-viewing park in the world.
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