Discover the Magic of Voyager Beach Resort: A 3-Day Itinerary

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Voyager Beach Resort, nestled along the picturesque Kenyan coast, offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. If you’re planning a short getaway, a well-structured itinerary can help you make the most of your stay. Here’s a detailed 3-day plan to ensure you experience the best of Voyager Beach Resort and its surroundings.

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration


Arrival at Voyager Beach Resort and Check-In: As you arrive at Voyager Beach Resort, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and a refreshing welcome drink. The check-in process is smooth, and soon you’ll find yourself in your comfortable room, ready to start your vacation.

Welcome Drink and Settling In: Take a moment to enjoy your welcome drink and soak in the stunning views from your room. This is your time to unwind and get into the holiday spirit.


Lunch with Ocean Views: Head to the resort’s restaurant for a delightful lunch. With views of the Indian Ocean, your meal is set against a backdrop that is both serene and breathtaking.

Relaxing by the Pool or Beach Stroll: After lunch, you have options. You can relax by one of the three swimming pools, basking in the sun and taking occasional dips to cool off. Alternatively, take a leisurely stroll along the beach, feeling the sand between your toes and listening to the rhythmic waves.


Dinner at the Resort: As evening approaches, prepare for a culinary treat. The resort offers a variety of cuisines, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Family Entertainment and Animation Programs: Post-dinner, immerse yourself in one of the resort’s famous family entertainment shows or animation programs. These events are fun, engaging, and perfect for all ages, adding a memorable touch to your first day.




Day 2: Adventure and Leisure


Breakfast Options at the Resort: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the resort. With continental and vegetarian options available, you can fuel up for an adventurous day ahead.

Visit to Haller Park and Mamba Village Crocodile Farm: Venture out to explore Haller Park, a nature park that boasts a variety of wildlife and plant species. Following this, visit Mamba Village Crocodile Farm to get up close with these fascinating reptiles.


Lunch or Beach Picnic: Return to the resort for lunch, or if you prefer, pack a picnic and enjoy it on the beach. The serene environment makes for a perfect picnic spot.

Water Sports or Spa Relaxation: After lunch, choose between adrenaline-pumping water sports or a relaxing spa session. Whether you’re into jet skiing, snorkeling, or simply lounging in the spa, the resort caters to all your needs.


Themed Dinner Event: Dinner on the second night is a special affair. The resort hosts themed dinner events that take you on a culinary journey across the seven seas, offering diverse and delectable dishes.

Nightlife or Stargazing: Post-dinner, you can either dive into the vibrant nightlife at the resort or opt for a quiet evening under the stars. The choice is yours, but both options promise a delightful end to your day.

Day 3: Culture and Departure


Early Breakfast: Kickstart your final day with an early breakfast. The variety ensures you have a nutritious meal to fuel your morning activities.

Visit to Fort Jesus and Old Town: Head out to explore the rich history and culture of the area with a visit to Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander through Old Town to experience the local culture, architecture, and perhaps pick up a few souvenirs.


Check-Out Process: Return to the resort, pack your belongings, and complete the check-out process. The resort staff ensures this is quick and hassle-free.

Leisurely Lunch and Souvenir Shopping: Before you leave, enjoy a leisurely lunch at the resort or a nearby restaurant. Take some time for last-minute souvenir shopping to bring a piece of your trip back home.


Your 3-day stay at Voyager Beach Resort promises a blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment. From exploring nature parks and historical sites to enjoying gourmet meals and engaging entertainment, this itinerary ensures you make the most of your visit. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience at Voyager Beach Resort.


Best time to visit Voyager Beach Resort? The best time to visit Voyager Beach Resort is during the dry season, from July to October, and from January to February, when the weather is ideal for beach activities and sightseeing.

What should I pack for my stay? Pack light, breathable clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, and a camera to capture the beautiful moments. Don’t forget your travel documents and any personal medications.

Are there vegetarian meal options available? Yes, Voyager Beach Resort offers a variety of vegetarian meal options at their restaurants, ensuring dietary preferences are well catered for.

How far is Voyager Beach Resort from the airport? Voyager Beach Resort is approximately 20 kilometers from Moi International Airport, making it a convenient location for travelers.

Can I book excursions through the resort? Yes, the resort offers assistance with booking excursions and tours. Whether you want to explore local attractions or indulge in water sports, the resort’s concierge service can help arrange everything.